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Fully automated search-to-deal process

for individuals who want to access companies, investors and funding data

8 500 000+


550 000+


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Find the companies you need

Get data from global and local databases, add your own leads in one portal

Manage your team workload

Assign incoming leads to the team members

Track your pipeline in a CRM

Keep leads and opportunities

in sync with your CRM



Decide what to look for

Define your search criteria

Connect global and local data sources 

Easily set up the search queries

Add leads from all sources

Easily set up Web-to-lead process: collect leads from your website, socials, etc. 

Manually add other deals 

Store all leads in one place


your team

Leads are assigned to your team members 

The team is notified when a new potential deal appears

The screening process is automated


your CRM

Leads and opportunities are synced with your CRM

The pipeline information remains traceable


Let’s schedule a short call for a product demo

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